Baby Snails & Poetic Tales


Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop is the pet shop I’ve always wanted to own. However, my own ‘pet shop’ (well, it’s my laundry actually)¬† is currently exploding with lots and lots of lovely baby rainforest snails. These make fascinating and easy to keep pets. So with every copy of 50 Funny Poems for Children in which you can read about Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop and lots of other fun poems for children, I’m offering 4 baby rainforest snails plus care sheet of course. Just $10.00 + postage for book and babies. Email me at: if you’re interested.




Parading on the toy shop shelf

they jostle for attention.

Those big wide eyes, those plastic smiles

and legs too long to mention.

Popular culture

mirrored in dolls.

Choose Dora, choose Katniss

choose me.

Or Jacob from Twilight,

a Barbie, a Bratz,

Which one will your child choose to be?

Scary Stuff


I don’t like vampires, they’re toothy and scary.
I cannot stand werewolves, they’re noisy and hairy.
But ghosts, I just love them.
They glide across halls,
and what’s even cooler, they glide right through walls.
(I wrote this from a chld’s perspective after watching Robson Green in ‘Being Human’. Must admit, I still love him, even when he’s a werewolf!}

Nonsense verse


It used to be Green Eggs and Ham. Now it’s just junk e’s and spam!

Seriously though, as someone who loves to write (especially poetry and short stories) I decided that I need to learn to blog, so, without having a clue what I’m doing, I’ve set up this blog. I have no idea where it will take me, but I’ve already discovered so many wonderful blog sites belonging to other writers that I’m hoping I will learn from them and connect with others so that we can share our writing adventures.