#introtopoetry Day 8 – ‘Pleasure’


Wow – what a challenge this is. My brain hurts!! Day 8 of the poetry challenge asks us to use the word/ concept of ‘pleasure’ and to use ‘anaphora’ which means using the same word or phrase at the beginning of each verse….. so here it is.

The pleasure of buying a gift for a friend

Hoping they’ll like it and

Not just pretend.


The pleasure of reading a really good book

Then passing it on to someone who will cook

You a fabulous meal ‘cos they know

You hate cooking.


The pleasure of living and loving

And looking.

#introtopoetry Day 7


A ‘found’ poem from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ (with flavour!)

After a time she heard a pattering of feet.

They began running when they liked

and stopped when they liked.

In that direction.

The direction of the delicious flavour.

The flavour of the stolen tarts.

#introtopoetry Day 6


Prompt: screen – enjambment

Behind the screen

she undresses.

Embarrassed that the doctor

is a man.

Too late to

back out now.

She closes her eyes and

holds her breath.

‘You can get dressed

now,’ he says,

‘you’re definitely

pregnant.’  Forgetting herself,

she hugs him.


#introtopoetry day 4


My Journey

My journey isn’t a long one.

It doesn’t take me to other countries, other times,

Except in my head.


Using my ‘pensioner gold card’ I board the train.

Travelling from the south coast of New South Wales

To the city of Sydney, I read whatever my current ‘read’ is.


At the moment it’s Stephen King’s ‘Danse Macabre.’

Reflecting on old horror films I imagine the Sydney Opera House

Covered in slime.


Those shell-like structures defaced by gruesome giant snails.

A mollusc-like monument.

What a story that could be – maybe I’ll write it – one day.