Monthly Archives: August 2013

Day Out List


I’m going to the beach with my grandma.

We’re packing our bag for the day

with sunglasses, swimmers and sunscreen of course

plus lollies to eat on the way.

A cushion for grandma

a beach ball for me,

(I’ll blow it up when we get there)

orange juice, water,

a bucket and spade,

a swim cap to cover my hair,

some towels and a beach mat

and sandwiches too,

(deciding on fillings is hard)

umbrellas and raincoats in case there’s a storm

and, of course, grandma’s Seniors’ Card,

some insect repellent,

a box for the shells

we collect when we go for our walk

and perhaps extra water to cool down our throats

because we just talk, talk and talk.