Baby Snails & Poetic Tales


Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop is the pet shop I’ve always wanted to own. However, my own ‘pet shop’ (well, it’s my laundry actually)  is currently exploding with lots and lots of lovely baby rainforest snails. These make fascinating and easy to keep pets. So with every copy of 50 Funny Poems for Children in which you can read about Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop and lots of other fun poems for children, I’m offering 4 baby rainforest snails plus care sheet of course. Just $10.00 + postage for book and babies. Email me at: if you’re interested.


About triciasimmons

Pat worked with primary age children for many years in out of school hours and museum settings. She is a writer of short stories, flash fiction, picture books and poetry. She also loves minibeasts! (Especially stick insects) You can find more about Pat at

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  1. Ha! Yes Susan. I’m a lover of minibeasts and worked in after school care and museum programs for over 20 years until I retired in 2013. I bred stick insects, rainforest snails etc and kept various pets to educate the kids about the natural world (but it was also for my own enjoyment). When I retired I gave the snails to Minibeast Wildlife who are fantastic. They sell various critters online.

    • Thanks Pat! I just had a look at the site and sent the link to my daughter and son-in-law who do a lot of work with children. I am sure they would love to get involved in this very interesting aside. When our son returns from the Moddle East, he will be interested as well. I am just in awe of our natural world and every little thing in it! Leaving work was definitely a blessing in disguise and is allowing me the time to spread my wings and meet lovely folk like yourself! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  2. I will definitely stay in touch Pat! Our daughter is having a baby soon and I will be in Alstonville on the North Coast for most of April/May but hope to get up to Scarborough when I return. I am planning on doing some paintings with my daughter before our precious first grandchild arrives, drawing on local inspiration. 🙂

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