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About triciasimmons

Pat worked with primary age children for many years in out of school hours and museum settings. She is a writer of short stories, flash fiction, picture books and poetry. She also loves minibeasts! (Especially stick insects) You can find more about Pat at

Today’s Poem is called ‘Rescue’



He’s funny looking.

He isn’t a puppy.

I say to Mum

He has sad eyes.

Dad says

Maybe we can make those sad eyes happy.

I say to Dad

He’s skinny.

Mum says

Maybe we can make him fatter.

Does he do tricks?

Maybe you could teach him some.

But I don’t know him

And he doesn’t know me.

So many dogs.

So much noise.

We walk up and down

Looking at the dogs.

So many dogs

But we come back to him.

He looks at me.

I look at him.

He doesn’t bark.

He just looks.


They open his cage.

He just looks

Then he licks my hand.

This is the one I say.

This is the one he says.                                   Pat Simmons © 2015

One of my 2015 goals is to blog more. Some of my poetry and flash fiction 100 worders are coming!


Week 45: Ignite – The Negatives – 100 words

She hurls the negatives into the sink. Her hand trembles as she attempts to strike a match. It takes three attempts. The negatives ignite. The smell is acrid, much like the bitterness she feels in her gut. So many years of being blackmailed but now it’s over. He’s dead and Bob, her husband, will never know about those photos. She was young and stupid then and she needed the money.


Sorting through his father’s possessions, he finds an envelope.

‘Son, if you’re ever short of cash this is her name and address and this is the negative she never found.’

Pat Simmons © 2015

Day Out List


I’m going to the beach with my grandma.

We’re packing our bag for the day

with sunglasses, swimmers and sunscreen of course

plus lollies to eat on the way.

A cushion for grandma

a beach ball for me,

(I’ll blow it up when we get there)

orange juice, water,

a bucket and spade,

a swim cap to cover my hair,

some towels and a beach mat

and sandwiches too,

(deciding on fillings is hard)

umbrellas and raincoats in case there’s a storm

and, of course, grandma’s Seniors’ Card,

some insect repellent,

a box for the shells

we collect when we go for our walk

and perhaps extra water to cool down our throats

because we just talk, talk and talk.





To hell with Leviticus, I’m going to do it.
My body’s my own if I want to tattoo it.

I’ve saved up some money so mum needn’t know,
Well…..not quite just yet,
Not ’til after I go.

I might get a dragon, or maybe a cupid,
Or ‘I love Lachlan’ – no that would be stupid.
What if he dump’s me? I’d wish I was dead.
Maybe I’ll just get my nose pierced instead.

I’ve saved up some money so dad needn’t know.
Well …… not quite just yet,
Not ’til after I go.

Tricia Simmons

The Visit


the stairs,
carefully avoiding the creaks,
we stop
and take each other’s hand.

At the bottom
we tiptoe,
towards the door.
Almost afraid to breathe
we slowly,
push it open.

Beneath the twinkling tree lights
sit the gifts.
‘He’s been,’ we whisper,
‘He’s been.’

Baby Snails & Poetic Tales


Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop is the pet shop I’ve always wanted to own. However, my own ‘pet shop’ (well, it’s my laundry actually)  is currently exploding with lots and lots of lovely baby rainforest snails. These make fascinating and easy to keep pets. So with every copy of 50 Funny Poems for Children in which you can read about Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop and lots of other fun poems for children, I’m offering 4 baby rainforest snails plus care sheet of course. Just $10.00 + postage for book and babies. Email me at: if you’re interested.